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Could you tell me if there is an English Language GCSE or IGCSE available with no controlled assessments or coursework? If so, is it available in November and January? If IGCSE, how does the difficulty level compare with normal English Language GCSE? My son gained a C in English Literature but a D in English Language (both with AQA). I am in no way blaming the school or the teachers, but he needs to pass English Language. I am considering getting him to take English Language GCSE/IGCSE as a private candidate, given that he has now left school. Any advice gratefully received! There is an iGCSE English course which is 80% exam based.

You could contact Cambridge to find out more at /qualifications/academic/middlesec/igcse/subject?assdef id=852 The advantage with iGCSE is the exam is not a rush - they get plenty of time to read and understand the paper before they have to write anything. I'm an English teacher - we're going to have a go at this in our school from next week but we're going down the 60% coursework route.

Students are allowed to redraft and type up coursework, something which was abolished by the home boards last year.

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It wasn't accredited for this reason, until Mr Gove stepped in. You can, for example, gain a GCSE in English without needing to understand anything by Shakespeare.

If it was the coursework marks which brought his grades down, investigate the possibility of only re-entering these units.

English language gcse with no controlled assessment or coursework

However, you should be given coursework marks as they are assessed, so with little bit of research it should be easy to work out the required score. As a start, ask your son's school for his coursework folder so that you can see any weak areas and feedback, and if he was with AQA the school should also be able to give his scores in individual exam questions, so that any patterns can be spotted. The iGCSE could not be counted as a GCSE equivalent, but was still used in many independent schools, whose pupils would not be held back by the lack of GCSE English and which did not have to worry about school league tables.

Gove decided that independent schools should not be penalised for offering an easier course and decided that the iGCSE should be recognised 24 Jan 2018 - A level English Language and Literature 2015, Non Examination Assessment You may also like to consult the list of texts and tasks that have .

AQA have rebranded theirs as a 'Certificate' in English.

Students find new english gcse 'torturous' and may be deterred from

For AQA, the GCSE requires three speaking and listening tasks, the certificate asks for one. The GCSE has four pieces of written coursework, the 'certificate' has one.

If 'certificate' students choose not to do coursework, their exam is only as difficult as a GCSE exam, but with more time (and avoiding the 4 pieces of written coursework and 2 extra speaking and listening tasks that the GCSE student must complete) 30 Aug 2012 - Could you tell me if there is an English Language GCSE or IGCSE All of the IGCSE-style Certificates can have no written coursework (if the .

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