- In collapsible corporations, communication is the dynamic structure between the individual members that shapes and guides the progress and actions of the people. It is the communication that coordinates and not formal written procedures.

The success of dynamic organizational forms such as collapsible corporations is inversely related to the quantity and quality of communication between members around the world.

Problems arise when communication slows or stops and progress is taken for granted- requiring hypercommunication to achieve subsequent residual recovery of right direction Business Communication Essay Best Essays In English Field Film Connu Business best business template essay builder template essay example cv college .

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3 pages) | Preview - Communication is an integral part of working in the business environment. Individuals communicate various pieces of information to internal and external business design of an organization should provide for communication in four in distinct directions: downward, upward, horizontal, and diagonal.

But we have only discuss about downward communication and upward communication, where downward communication is more prevalent than upward communication in organization. tags: communication, business environment Term Papers