169 NSK Ti-Max X500KL Titanium Turbine Handpiece - F/Optic, KaVo Mini HeadOut Of StockNSK designed and engineered the new Ti-Max X to be simply the best air turbine handpiece you can buy. Newly developed Dual Air Jet generates unmatched 16W power, offering such level of performance that you?ve never experienced before.

Brighter cellular optics assures you uninterrupted visibility to every part of treatment field.

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What are the most popular sites that offer students homework help Dental Directory: Ergonomic Arc-line BodyDelicately curved bodyline is carefully computed to offer ideal head and grip angle in any treatment position while minimizing interruption of your vision. If you need complex work in hard-to-access molar region, the Arc-line body allows you more freedom of movement. Solid Titanium Bodyis 30% lighter than stainless steel, more durable and corrosion resistant.

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Two narrow air jets propel the high speed turbine blades witch catch the air stream more effecyively giving more rotating momentum.

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That?s exactly why NSK installed a safety measure to protect your handpiece 15-4-2014 · The web is teeming with homework help websites college good places where homework helper flyer your students and kids can get help with their homework. Whenever oversupply is detected, the valve automatically controls the airflow to the rotor, preventing over-rotation to ensure a longer handpiece life. College homework help | poplar union The cellular rod will not deteriorate from repeated sterilisation and keeps its lighting intensity for longer period of time.

Award-winning NSK Clean Head SystemThe built-in patented Clean Head System is designed to prevent air retraction, and thus allow no oral fluid or foreign particles to enter into the handpiece head.

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NSK Ultra Push ChuckNSK?s patented triple-grip Ultra Push Chuck enables simple one-touch bur replacement, while its auto-chuck lock mechanism automatically controls bur-retention when higher load is applied to a bur. Get college homework help online - homework answers under $10! Thermodisinfector ReadyDisinfecting handpieces prior to autoclaving is a recommendable practice for more effective infection control. The symbol mark on your NSK product means you can cleanse and disinfect the handpiece using a thermodisinfector.