General Studies A (2760) The Department for Education announced on 16 July 2015 that A-level General Studies cannot be redeveloped under government changes to A-levels. The last exams for students taking the current qualification will be in the June 2018 series.

As an alternative, you may like to consider our Extended Project Qualification, which we have recently updated to meet the changing needs of students, teachers and universities. Find out more about these changes and which qualifications we are planning to offer in the future.

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This specification is designed to:broaden students' post-16 education and complement other studiesenable a deeper understanding of important contemporary issuesprovide useful preparation for higher education and life in generalallow teachers both freedom and flexibility to deliver the course according to their own situationcontribute towards the AQA Bacc as a Breadth of Study element Need to purchase an general studies case study Editing Standard Business 100% plagiarism free. | 31.12.2017| 176| Teachers want their students to be capable enough to handle any minimum timed student presentations, so that they can learn time management for proceeding in the long run of the world. The world is .

It will encourage students to:think across specialist subjectsdevelop their thinking skills, capacity to construct arguments and ability to draw conclusionsimprove their communication and presentation skillswork independently and with others. Related specificationsThere is a choice of specifications for this subject.

Please check with your teacher or exams officer if you are not sure which to select.