Study technique and homeworkIngressA good study technique is important for doing homework. Examples include a lot of repetition, highlighting important parts of a text, starting your homework on time, getting help from someone who can quiz you, as well as eating and sleeping properly. Sidinneh llHumans have three ways of perceiving impressions. Most of us have one primary channel that they prefer to use, while the other two are secondary.

The visual channel – perceives through visual impressionsThis channel seems to be the most obvious one. About 70% of the population have this as their most important channel. If you prefer to look at pictures and even text, you are what is known as a visual person.

This means you can make good use of "mind mapping" Best website to write a components technology term paper freshman british double can help me write my; Writing service plans precalcuslus homework help .

It is also important for you that the teacher uses images and metaphors in his/her speech. The auditory channel – perceives through hearingThis channel is about listening for information.

If you prefer to listen to information, it may make things easier if you record what the teacher says (but ask his/her permission first). Kinaesthetic & tactile channels – perceive physically (touch, taste, smell) and through emotionsThese channels are about emotions and motor activity, about getting to feel.

About 20% of the population belong to this group. If you belong to this group, you like to touch things and have an emotional experience – you learn best by doing. You can think about and imagine what you would do in practice to make use of the information.